Reverse a String in JAVA

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  1. Create a function reverseString which takes a String as a parameter and prints out the string in reverse order
  2. Initialize a variable named reverse to hold the reversed String inside the reverseString1 method
  3. Create a for loop starting from the last index of the string passed to the method to 0. Last index is (length of the string – 1) as the index always starts with 0. In the example above it will be 20 (21 – 1)
  4. Decrement by 1
  5. Inside the loop we extract a single character depending on the x variable from the string and concatenate (using + operator) it to the reverse variable till we reach the index 0
  6. Print the reverse variable outside the loop using the
  7. Call the reverseString1 method from the main method as following:
    reverseString("This is a test String");
  8. Run the program
  9. Input: This is a test String
    Output: gnirtS tset a si sihT

2 thoughts on “Reverse a String in JAVA

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  1. Hey I rewrote it for you with a couple of pointers you can improve on

    public class StringReverser {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    String reversed = reverseString(“This is a test String”);

    private static String reverseString(String string) {
    String reverse = “”;
    for(int x = string.length() – 1; x >= 0; x–)
    reverse += string.charAt(x);
    return reverse;

    Class names should begin with a capital to start with.
    Really picky but technically your method didn’t do what it said (It printed out a reversed String).
    Spaces seemed irregular; sometimes you used them, other times you didn’t.
    Also note the use of +=

    Hopefully this helped 🙂


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